I'm not sure if you have heard, but eyelash extensions are all the rage these days. After seeing a few of my friends with the most gorgeous eyelashes, I knew it was time to jump on board.

I'm sure you have worn false lashes a time or two in your life for a fancy occasion, or maybe even your wedding. Eyelash extensions are way different than those annoying strip lashes that always seem to come off at the worst times. I remember panicking through parts of my wedding ceremony thinking my veil had pulled them off as I was walking down the aisle (thankfully I was in the clear).

There are lots of options when it comes to getting eyelash extensions, but I would suggest going with someone you know. My girl Amanda at Natural Esthetics in Cary (if you are in the area, I highly recommend going to her) was the only person I trusted to do mine for the first time. I have been blown away by her skill and expertise when it comes to my skin, so why not have her do my lashes?

The actual process typically takes between 2-2.5 hours. Let me preface with this, if you cannot sit still or keep your eyes closed for that period of time, eyelash extensions are not for you. I found the whole process to be super relaxing and I even fell asleep several times, but for others, it might be rather difficult. There is zero pain involved and you hardly even feel her applying the lashes. The glue does have a tendency to sting your eyes if you open them during the application, so I would try your hardest to keep them closed the entire time. Amanda does give you a break half way to allow you to get up and stretch your legs which is nice. To me, the entire process was totally worth it when I saw my gorgeous lashes and couldn't even feel that they were there.

The eyelashes Amanda uses are super light weight (I do not feel mine at all) and very high quality. I have not worn eye makeup one single time since I have had mine and it is amazing! You literally wake up with insanely gorgeous lashes. For a girl who is all about sleeping in, this has been a lifesaver for me in the mornings. I am officially addicted and have already gone back for my first fill-in. Your initial set lasts about 2-3 weeks (they lashes will shed naturally) and then you go back to have them filled in. I did buy a lash conditioner to keep the lashes healthy and prolong the life of my lashes, but this isn't required.

Amanda is currently offering an AMAZING Fall deal that you do not want to miss out on. For just $175 (normally $250) you can get your initial full set of individual eyelash extensions. See Amanda's full pricing list here.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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