If I had the ability to wear sweats everyday, I would most certainly do so. I love to always be comfortable, but at the same time look cute. There's nothing worse than having a great outfit that you cannot wait to rip off the moment you get home. Insert these stylish and comfortable leggings from Anthropologie. I love that these can so easily take you straight from the gym out to run errands. I paired my leggings with this twist-back top and coral sports bra. The two paired together make a total statement in the back. If this cute outfit doesn't motivate you to workout, i'm not sure anything will. Make sure you check out Anthropologie's large assortment of athletisure. I know they aren't normally where you would think to buy workout clothes, but they carry an AMAZING selection of seriously cute things. I am DYING for this pair of leggings, i love the print on this sports bra, and how cute is this pullover?

It's a nice change of pace to share some-what of a fitness post with y'all today. Fitness plays a huge role in my life and is something I genuinely love. Would y'all be interested in some sort of a post outlining my fitness routine?

In other news, #Whole30 is officially over today. If you follow me on Snapchat (mollyperdue7) then you know that I may have already eaten a few Cadbury eggs. I stuck to just a few to make sure I didn't upset my stomach, but I am definitely planning on a pizza and TCBY date with Ben tonight. I will definitely be doing a final #Whole30 re-cap, so be on the lookout for that.


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