Just wanted to share a quick update (with those who are following along) of the first few days of our journey. We are already having such a great time and making lots of memories. After packing everything up and saying our goodbyes to our sweet families, we hit the road for Nashville. 

We stopped for a quick lunch with a college friend and her adorable baby Louis. I have vowed to document every moment of our trip (sorry Ben) and couldn't resist taking a few pictures with Gaby and Louis. Isn't Louis the most handsome boy you have ever seen? Louis is the ultimate miracle and you can read about him and Gaby's story here. We love you guys!

After a fun lunch in Knoxville, we drove the rest of the way to our first stop in Nashville. My sister MacKenzie lives in Nashville and generously gave up her bed and allowed us to crash at her apartment. We came bearing A LOT of stuff so thank you MacKenzie. Packing for a 2 week road trip with a fashion blogger and a dog is definitely not easy.

We had the best evening with MacKenzie, her roommate Tiana (fellow blogger) and Tiana's boyfriend Sam. We played games and ate WAY too much junk food. The next morning we had breakfast at Fido and got caught up with Mackenzie's life. She started a women's college ministry called Delight and is doing some pretty amazing things. After breakfast, Kenz convinced me to go to one of her boxing classes. It was SO much fun and definitely something I will be doing in Seattle. 

We left Nashville and drove to Memphis for some delicious BBQ. Central BBQ has the most amazing mac n cheese on the planet, and I would highly suggest eating there if you ever get the chance. We are currently in Little Rock and are starting the next leg of our journey NOW.