I'm currently sitting at the most tranquil hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sipping a vanilla latte (on the house) and writing this blog post. What a whirlwind the past few days have been. We arrived in Little Rock only to hop right in the bed after a long drive. We woke up early the next morning, grabbed Starbucks and headed out to Amarillo, TX. We had planned to stop in Oklahoma City for the night, but decided to push on a little further since we were both feeling good. We did however stop in OKC for a coffee break and enjoyed yummy drinks at a hip spot called Elemental. I really liked OKC and wished we had more time to explore! We caught the most gorgeous sunset in Texas and couldn't help but snap a few pics. We arrived at our hotel in Amarillo and ate our weight in boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings (not the most exciting stop, I know). The road trip diet is really working out for both of us (did you catch my sarcasm).

We woke up the most AMAZING sunset in Amarillo and couldn't wait to hit the road to Santa Fe. We had planned to drive straight there, but scenery was too good and we ended up stopping for about 2 hours for lots of pictures, drone footage and to let Coop stretch his legs. Cooper might just be the cutest desert dog around, don't you agree. How cute is my backless sweater from Maude Boutique. It was surprisingly warm at our stop in between Amarillo and Santa Fe, and ended up being the perfect thing to wear!

After a fun few hours in the desert we decided it was time to make our way to Santa Fe. Today is actually our anniversary (4 years) and I had booked us a cute room in town. We arrived to fresh baked cookies and the sweetest people welcoming us, they even surprised us with chocolate covered strawberries. If you ever find yourself in Santa Fe, definitely make arrangements to stay at Las Palomas. Ben and I are both obsessed! Another great day full of memories I will never forget. Thanks for following along!

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