I'm back with days 6 and 7 of our road trip, and they might have been my two favorite days of the whole trip! We are currently hanging out in Portland (we drove 12 hours yesterday) and are waiting until we FINALLY get to move into our new place on Friday.

Back to the road trip life. We left our hotel in Phoenix early in the morning and headed straight for Joshua Tree National Park. I grew up coming to Palm Springs because my Grandpa used to have a house there and was pretty familiar with Joshua Tree. Ben was dying to visit the national park, and I hesitantly agreed thinking I would much rather spend time at our hotel. Boy was I wrong! We spent most of the day driving through the park stopping to take picture after picture (ben is a rockstar when it comes to knowing I need blog pics everywhere we go).

This place was stunning. The sun was shining, there were cacti everywhere and my bohemian dreams were coming true, what more could you ask for?

This has been Coop's favorite position on our road trip. If you have been following along on Instagram then you know what i'm talking about. He is the cutest dog in the whole world.

We left the park in the early afternoon and headed straight to our hotel in Palm Springs. I have a major love affair with Palm Springs and am happy as a clam every time I visit, so I was so pumped to be visiting again. I had done quite a bit of research before arriving about where to stay with a dog and was thrilled when I found Ace Hotel & Swim Club. This place was a hipsters paradise and made Ben and I feel WAY cooler than we actually are. We hung out on our private patio in front of our fireplace and enjoyed tunes from our record player. Yes, add Ace Hotel & Swim Club to your list of places to visit. I can only imagine how amazing it would be with warmer temperatures. You have to see their pool!

Coop, like his momma, was a HUGE fan of the decor. He especially loved lounging on the plush beds and admiring mom's new AHMAZING bag from Rebecca Minkoff.

The next morning we had breakfast at King's Highway (the hotel restaurant) and it was #goals.

There was a wedding going on the night we stayed and this was the bar. It was SO cool and made me wish we could do our wedding again here. Vow renewal someday?

Our bellies full and fighting back tears not wanting to leave this AMAZING place (JK, I didn't cry) we hit the road for Northern California. Not sure if you have heard, but California was experience crazy amounts of rain right in the middle of our road trip. We had planned to drive the Pacific Coast Highway but were devastated to learn that most of the roads leading up to Monterey (our destination) were closed. We drove all day in the rain our spirits only lifted by a lunch stop at Rubio's. If you go to California and don't eat Rubio's, we can no longer be friends. Seriously though, you have to try it.

Around 5:00, we spotted a break in the rain, a rainbow and the most gorgeous green covered mountains I had ever seen. This random field was behind a gas station right off the highway in Grapevine, CA. I felt like I was in Ireland. Ok, I've never actually been to Ireland, but this is what I imagine it would look like. Coop especially loved this little stopover. He loved running through the field with the wind in his hair looking something like a scene out of The Sound of Music, aka SO CUTE.

After a long day of travel and a yummy dinner of In-N-Out, we finally arrived in Monterey, but more on that tomorrow!