Even though we are officially all moved in to our new place in Seattle, I wanted to share the last couple of days of our road trip for those of you who were following along.

We ended up going through our road trip much quicker than we anticipated, so we decided to spend a few days in Monterey to allow Ben to get some work done. While Ben was busy working away, I took Coop for walks around Monterey and enjoyed the sunshine. Monterey is such a cute town and I loved wandering around the quiet streets. 

One of our favorite moments of our entire trip happened in Monterey! I wanted to show Ben the things I had discovered during the day, so we decided to take a walk along the water. It happened to be sunset and we were blessed with some of the most gorgeous views I have ever seen. We probably stopped to take it all in about 50 times during that walk. The waves crashing along the shore were breathtaking and the pink sky didn't hurt either. We both decided we wouldn't mind living in Monterey!

The next day we finally got to fulfill our dream of driving along the Pacific Coast Highway. Our original plan was to take it our entire time throughout California, but mother nature had other plans. Even our small stretch of road (about an hour or 2 from Monterey to San Francisco) was breathtaking. I could have stopped to take pictures in 1,000 different places.

We decided to drive the entire way to Portland to give Ben a few more days to work before we arrived in Seattle. It was a long day, but we stayed awake with lots of caffeine and Harry Potter. I wish I could say our time in Portland was more exciting, but we did little exploring. We will be back to Portland, so no worries! Stay tuned for another post coming next week with a roundup of all of my road trip tips!



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