Give a girl pasta and she will be happy. Give a girl pasts and the milkshake of her dreams and she will die of happiness. Just yesterday, my friend Sarah (check out her blog) and I were treated to the best meal I have had in Seattle thus far at Vivo 53 Vivo 53 is actually located in Bellevue and is well worth the 20 minute drive from downtown Seattle. Trust me when I say you will have the best pasta of your entire life.

We started our lunch off with the Vivo Truffle Fettuccine and the Margherita pizza. I am a huge fan of anything with truffles and this pasta was divine. Our waitress suggested that next time we add a little bit of goat cheese, and I am all on board (currently planning my next visit)

The next dish stole the show in my opinion and I am still dreaming about it. We ate carbonara pasta out of a giant wheel of parmesan cheese. Yes, you read the right a wheel of parmesan cheese. They mix the pasta inside the wheel and scrape the sides to give you chunks of parmesan tossed within. YUM.

As if we hadn't eaten enough after our TWO courses of pasta, we had to finish off with dessert. Vivo 53 is well known for their incredible pasta, but if you visit, you cannot leave without ordering a sundae. I can promise you that it will be the most incredible sundae experience you have ever had. Be advised that they are crafted with care and love and take about 10 minutes to prepare. They are 100% worth the wait. We couldn't decide on which to try, so we ended up ordering two. We went with the Candy Esplosione and the Nutella Seduzione. I leaned more towards the candy sundae and Sarah more towards the nutella which worked out perfectly. I have never seen a more beautiful sundae and boy was it delicious.

Dining at Vivo 53 was more than just a wonderful meal, it was an experience. Everything from the cozy decor to the incredible staff make it a definite spot on the list of places to eat in Seattle. Have you given it a try?