I always strive to let you guys in on my life and share more than just my outfits, so today, here's a peek into one of our recent evenings at one of our favorite places in Seattle. I have talked about Discovery Park on the blog before here, but it is a large park just 10 minutes outside of the city. It's right on the water and has tons of trails and open fields as well as a great beach and a cute little light house. We love taking Cooper here because we can let him off leash and watch him just roam free. When my sister was in town a few weeks ago, we went out for a fun evening of exploring.

As you can see, most of the time i'm wearing comfy clothes or jeans and a hoodie! We can all get caught up in the seemingly perfect lives we see on social media, but I hope this post gives you a glimpse into what real like is like for me. These are the moments I treasure the most.