I am SO sorry that my posts have been lagging, but internet is hard to come by on a road trip! You will be happy to know that we have successfully made it to California and are just  a few days away from our final destination. It's hard to believe we have been on this journey for over a week now, but we are loving every second and maybe not quite ready for it to end.

I wanted to share photos and memories from the 5th day of our road trip, Santa Fe! We awoke to sunshine and a light dusting of snow on the ground and set off for a few hours of exploring. Santa Fe is definitely on the list of cities that we will be returning to in the next couple of years (the list seems to be getting quite long according to Ben-oops). It's rich in history and has stunning architecture everywhere you turn. We loved wandering the streets and window shopping before all the stores opened. I could definitely fit in with the fashions of the locals; turquoise and fur!

After an hour or two of exploring in the freezing cold, we headed back to our hote, Las Palomas, for a warm breakfast. Las Palomas serves made to order omelettes and waffles + any kind of coffee drink you could imagine. I was a huge fan of the chai lattes and ben enjoyed the americano. We each had about three that morning. Did I mention how much I love Las Palomas?

Sad to leave Santa Fe but excited to reach Arizona, we packed up and hit the road! Our original plan was to drive to Flag Staff and spend a couple of days there and do some sightseeing (including the Grand Canyon) but mother nature had other plans. Flagstaff was supposed to get three solid days of snow and we did not want to be stuck there for that long. We decided to head south towards Phoenix and take the safe route. Our drive was great until about two hours outside of phoenix in the Sitgraves National Forest, we drove straight through a blizzard. We stopped and took some pictures right when we first reached the snow feeling blissful and unaware of what loomed ahead. Ben was a champ and navigated us safely through the winter storm (at a mere 20 mph for 2 hours). We finally made it down the mountain and poor Ben could barely feel his hands from clenching so tightly to the sterring wheel (that boy, always keeping me safe). We checked into our hotel in Phoenix exhausted from the day and ordered a pizza to our room. We crashed hard with visions of Joshua Trees dancing in our head.


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