The day has finally arrived, and our road trip across the country to our new home begins today. By the time you are reading this, we are probably well on our way to our first stop in Nashville, TN. I am thrilled for our first stop because it means lots of quality time with my sister plus stopping by a few of my favorite restaurants.

Ben and I have been anticipating this road trip for what seems like forever, and it all seems a little surreal that our big move is finally here. We are both a little nervous and anxious for our new life to start but ready to embrace every moment of our trip out there. We have some of our stops planned out but are remaining a bit more whimsical for the others. I'm probably most excited to get to CA where we are going to slow down and celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary for a few days (praying for sunshine and warm weather). If you have any suggestions of places we need to stop, please let me know!

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