Now that I am officially a mom (almost two months in and can’t even believe it), I thought it was the perfect time to share some of the items that we have loved and that have saved our lives in these early weeks. Before having Lola, I was a complete novice when it came to baby items and the thought of registering for everything we would need (and you need a lot) completely overwhelmed me. The ladies at Gugu Guru completely saved me with their Gugu Concierge program!

They set me up with an industry expert who helped me build the exact registry that I needed. I first took a questionnaire and was then matched with a wonderful expert named Ginny. We had a one hour consultation call and she got an idea of my style, must-have items and told me about items I might not have heard of that were newly released. Within a week, she had created a comprehensive amazing registry full of everything I wanted and didn’t know I needed. The whole process was AMAZING and saved me from hours of combing the internet for the best baby items. If you are expecting and drowning in registry decisions, give Gugu Guru a try! I promise it will be worth it.

Now I want to share my new mom insight with you! These are my favorite products that are 100% worth adding to your registry and purchasing for yourself.

  1. UPPA BABY VISTA STROLLER AND MESA INFANT CARSEAT: This stroller is pricy but SO worth the money! A great stroller is key because you will be using it constantly. The Uppa Baby Vista stroller came highly recommended and far exceeded my expectations. It maneuvers like a dream and is incredibly easy to use. It isn’t bulky or heavy and I can clip in the carseat or the bassinet with one click. The bassinet attachment has been my favorite and has kept Lola cozy on our daily neighborhood walks. She also loves the comfort of her Mesa Infant Carseat and mom loves how it keeps her so safe.

  2. DOCKATOT: If I had to pick one item that we use the most on a daily basis, this would be it! It is the perfect baby lounger and Lola takes all her naps in it. It keeps her snug and cozy just like she was in the womb. I love how portable it is and we move it with us all over the house. Its the perfect thing to set her in if I need to grab something from the other room or answer a few emails without holding her, and I know she will always be safe. It’s a bonus that it is extremely well made and comes in tons of different prints. It is also easy to wash or switch out the cover for a different pattern.

  3. 4moms momaROO: Another saving grace for my daily routine has been the 4moms momaRoo! I love that it bounces up and down and sways from side to side just like I do when I am holding her and rocking her to sleep. It features five unique motions (our favorite is the kangaroo) and five different speeds for 25 different combinations. I have been swaddling Lola and putting her in it to nap. It has been wonderful and helps me get work done during the day!

  4. WILDBIRD RING SLING: This sling is the perfect baby wearing device! It’s incredibly easy to put on (so much easier than many other baby wearing products) and is super comfortable and supportive. Lola immediately falls asleep almost every time she is in it and is always content. I was able to wear her for four hours at the state fair and she never made a peep! It’s a bonus that they come in tons of adorable designs to match your outfit.

  5. FAWN DIAPER BAG: This is the diaper bag we have been using and I can’t say enough good things. It is stylish and functional all at the same time. It has tons of pockets and plenty of room to organize the daily essentials. It’s faux leather which makes it super easy to clean and I loved that it can easily be worn as a backpack or a tote.

  6. MY BREAST FRIEND NURSING PILLOW: This is by far the best nursing pillow out there! It gives you tons of support and is extremely comfortable for both mom and baby. I use it for almost all breast feeding sessions and am considering getting one for every room in my house. It’s a must if you are considering breast feeding!

  7. HALO BASSINEST SWIVEL SLEEPER + SLEEP SACKS: I have learned pretty quickly how important sleep is in the newborn phase and how crucial it is to have something safe and comfortable for your baby to sleep in. We absolutely love our Halo Bassinest! Every night, we swaddle her in one of the Halo sleepsacks (they are velcro and are SO easy to use) and place her in the Halo bassinest to sleep. The Halo Bassinest is wonderful because it swivels 360 degrees and can also be raised to the height of our bed. It could not be easier to reach over and soothe or feed Lola in the middle of the night! It also has a built in sound machine and vibrating button!

  8. COPPER PEARL BURP CLOTHS: These are super plush and absorbent and come in adorable patterns and colors!

  9. BEBE AU LAIT CAR SEAT COVER: Since Lola still hasn’t had any of her shots, we have been uber cautious when we take her in public. A car seat cover is essential from keeping people from touching her. I love the car seat covers from Bebe Au Lait because they zip up the front and we can keep her covered and easily check on her without waking her. It also keeps the sun out of her eyes in the car!

  10. MILKIES MILK SAVER: After we got home from the hospital and my milk came in, we made a desperate Amazon order for one of these! You learn pretty quickly how valuable breast milk is! I mean they don’t call it liquid gold for nothing. This device collects all of the breast milk that leaks out of the breast you aren’t nursing or pumping from. It simply fits into your bra and collects the milk and then you simply transfer it to a storage container when you are done!

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