Still feels surreal to type this, but WE'RE HAVING A BABY! I guess the best place to start would be back at the beginning (FYI, I am currently 16 weeks). We were living in Seattle and getting ready to move home to NC. A lot of people think we moved home due to the baby, but we were actually already planning on returning to NC. Seattle was always temporary for us, and we knew we wanted to raise our family in NC.

Back to the story. I actually flew back out to Seattle after being home in NC for Christmas to help Ben finish packing (he had returned home a few days earlier).  Ben and his Dad were making the drive with all of our stuff across country to NC, so I wanted to be there to at least help pack. We ended up finding out we were pregnant my first day in Seattle and it was such a special moment for the two of us. I started feeling super nauseous on the pane ride after not eating a good breakfast. I just knew something felt off. The moment we landed I told Ben he had to take me straight to eat and that I thought I was pregnant (you can imagine his shock). We ate a quick lunch and walked over to CVS to grab a few pregnancy tests. I immediately took the test when I got home but set it down to wait before looking at it. I decided I would quickly call my mom to let her know I arrived safely which you can imagine turned into a 10 minute conversation. Ben, impatient as he is, decided to look at the test while I was on the phone and was practically pacing the apartment waiting for me to get off. I finally got off the phone and was like "well what does it say?" I looked at the test and saw the words "PREGNANT" clear as day. We were both so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness and also fear! It seemed like the perfect way to end an amazing chapter and an even better start to a new chapter.

Let's just say that pregnancy is definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not because I've been super sick or have had morning sickness or anything (so lucky to have missed that), but mostly because I just havent felt like myself. I experienced so much change all at once that it was slightly overwhelming. I am a girl who thrives on routine and when you're pregnant, routine just doesn't happen. I would wake up every day telling myself that I was going to accomplish all of these different things, but then I would get SO tired and end up spending most of the day on the couch. Also, every thing that I used to enjoy food wise( mainly healthy things...meat and vegetables), I despised! I only wanted to eat carbs and more carbs. I attempted to workout but just did not have the energy and my boobs tripled in size. Yes, you read that right! This might be the worst thing for me at the moment because they are just SO uncomfortable, and I am not sure how they could possibly get any bigger (although I know they will once I start breastfeeding). 

I quickly learned all about being pregnant and that the first trimester is just hard! I finally accepted that I was growing a baby, and I was going to be tired so I just needed to rest. For once in my life, I ate what I wanted to without worrying about it and just enjoyed being pregnant. I will say that I had to definitely cut back a little after learning about my quick weight gain, but I now try and just do everything in moderation. The second trimester has been SO much better and I want to start doing more updates with you guys about that.

You guys are such a big part of my life and it was so fun to finally share the big news on social media. Each and every one of your sweet comments means the world to me!

AVERSIONS: Meat(mostly chicken), vegetables (basically anything healthy), coffee

CRAVINGS: Egg and cheese biscuits and Velveeta mac n cheese are my weaknesses right now! 


CLOTHING: Basically none of my shirts fit due to my large boobs, So i tend to wear flowy and comfortable dresses. I finally bit the bullet and bough a cheap pair of maternity jeans from Target because the unbutton thing was just annoying to me. The pants don't fit right and always fall down but its better than being squeezed into my old jeans. I also wear the Lulu Lemon Align pants when I am at home. They are SO comfy!

We find out the gender of our sweet little babe in just over a week, and I cannot wait!!! Stay tuned for the announcement.

A couple of outtakes because pregnancy ain't always so pretty, y'all!


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