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Happy Thursday, friends! I am SO excited for today’s post, because it is one of my favorite projects I have worked on in a long time. If you have been following me for the past year or so, you know my obsession with the furniture and home decor store, Steven Shell Living. When we moved back to NC from Seattle, we essentially had zero furniture. I stumbled upon Steven Shell on one of my many shopping trips to Cameron Village and fell in love the moment I walked through the doors. My home consists of probably 75% Steven Shell furniture, so it’s safe to say I am a huge fan! There are only two locations, so I feel lucky we have one right here in Raleigh. The Raleigh location has pieces that reflect our areas style and design influences. The other store is located in Charleston and is much larger (the Raleigh location is 5,000 square feet and the Charleston store is 25,000 square feet) and the selection is curated towards that area. I can’t wait to visit one day!

I recently worked with the team at the Raleigh location ( they are AMAZING and feel like friends to me now) to give our master bedroom a refresh. My favorite piece in my bedroom is my MASSIVE dresser and matching mirror from Steven Shell. I love this dresser because it has a ton of storage space and makes such a statement in our bedroom. It has 11 huge drawers and comfortably fits most of Ben and I’s clothes. We don’t have huge closets, so this dresser was the perfect storage solution. The matching mirror looks beautiful hung above the dresser and helps our room appear larger.

The other piece that I’m most excited about is the large feather print. I searched high and low for something that would fill that wall that was unique yet timeless and couldn’t seem to find anything. I spotted the feather print and knew it would be perfect and fill the space beautifully. It makes such a statement, and I love the way it turned out.

I finished off the space with a few fun accessories from the store. My gorgeous tapestry pillows add the perfect hint of color to the room. They are INCREDIBLE quality and finish off the bed with warmth and texture. I also added a few large vases with faux greenery. Steven Shell has an amazing selection of accessories for any space. Everything is super versatile and would look great in any room.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Steven Shell Living. They have the most amazing pieces that are well made, sturdy, beautiful and timeless. I pop into the store way too many times in a month and never leave empty-handed. If you are on the hunt for furniture or decor, stop in and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!