Since having Lola almost 10 months ago (WOW), I have been focusing on my mental and physical health. Sure, I would love to lose those stubborn 15 lbs, but I also really want to be my best self for her! It’s been fun to try different workouts that way I don’t get in any sort of rut and can stay motivated. I have never considered myself a yogi, but was excited to try out my first class at Core Power Yoga. I have several friends who are die-hard Core Power goers, and decided it would be a new and fun challenge.

Core Power Yoga is conveniently located in my favorite shopping destination, Cameron Village! Who doesn’t love a workout followed by a coffee treat and a little shopping! I must admit, I was a little nervous before heading into my first class but I ended up loving it. The staff at the studio are so kind and accommodating and you feel welcomed the moment you walk through the doors. The class I took was the C1 class which is the one they recommend for beginners. It was challenging and relaxing all in one, and I was truly surprised how much I enjoyed moving through the different poses. Now that I have the beginner class under my belt, I am excited to try the Yoga Sculpt class which is a yoga class that mixes in strength training and weights making it more high-energy.

Core Power Yoga Cameron Village offers a one-week free trial membership so you can try Core Power risk-free. I promise you will love it as much as I did and maybe we can even try a class together!